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Parks and Recreation Characters & Myers-Briggs Types (based on this)

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"You know, the three of us have been living on the edge way too long. When we’re not running from the police, we’re fending off some costumed whack-job. Gotham is worse than ever. That gives us a choice — we can get out, or band together.” - Catwoman

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Various potion ingredients and the starter Potions textbook.

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You don’t look happy.

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Catching Fire Meme - [3/5] characters » Johanna Mason

↳ I am angry. You know, I’m getting totally screwed over here. The deal was that if I won the Hunger Games, I get to live the rest of my life in peace. But now, you wanna kill me again. But you know what? Fuck that! And fuck everybody who had anything to do with it!

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A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

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